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I am NOT an attorney.
This page is nothing more than my
It is my first amendment public statement.

If you need legal advice go consult an attorney.

Here is a list of the Software I use, why, and where to get it

           Unfortunately for you, until I either get better at making websites or get some help building this website you will have to do things a certain more difficult way. Maybe later someone will take it upon their self to help me fix this website so that searches of all 50 state's court rules can be done from my server, but until that day I have to just have you do it a harder way because I don't know how to do it the way I want it done that would be easier for you. Having said that, the first thing you have to do if you have to go through this litigation hell is to download some free software. When you download free software, always be sure you are downloading from the official site so that you don't get any malware versions. This advice goes for ALL freeware! The first application you want to download is called "WinHTTrack Website Copier." You can find it at HERE. This software is used to copy websites so that you can access them while being completely offline. It also enables you to use other software to do extensive specific searches of all the text. You need this to do legal research. Makes it so much faster than reading to bring to your screen every mention of a word or phrase in its context paragraph.

           The first thing you are going to do is to make a special folder for all the rules and laws of the specific jurisdiction for the court you will be appearing in. For instance I have a folder on my computer named "Law Library." And in this folder I have another folder named "" which is the address of the website I intended to copy into it. So for you, then you would click on the menu option to the left labeled "Rules!!! Where To Find Them" and then go to the link for your state and find the page where there is a link to every rule all on one page. Copy the address of that page from the address bar and paste it into the URL space provided by the WinHTTrack Website Copier software, do not change any settings and run it. This software will copy the entire website to your hard drive into the folder you created. Now you are set up to do instant searches where you can find every mention of any subject you are researching in all the rules and statutes, including the ones controlling the judge. And you need to control the judge because the size of his pension is directly tied to the amount of child support he collects over the life of his career. It is your job to force his pension to remain stagnant during the loving time you spend in his court room. He must be forced to follow the rules to the detriment of his pension.

          The next thing you are going to do is to enter the folder you created to store all the court rules and make another folder called "Statutes." Then use "WinHTTrack Website Copier" to copy the equivalent of the "Husband and Wife" code for your state into the "Statutes" folder.

           The next thing you need to do to set yourself up is to download the free software I use called DocFetcher. Doc Fetcher is like GOOGLE for your computer. With this you can find just about anything instantly. You can download DocFetcher from HERE. After you install it right click inside the search scope box and click on "Create Index From" and then point it to the folder wherein you stored the courts website you copied. It may take an hour or two depending upon the speed of your computer and the composition of how messy the courts website was but it will then index the entire site in the folder. Then whenever you type words in the search box (and I recommend learning to do specific searches using quotation marks or other wildcards) nearly instantly, every reference to the word or words will appear in the results box. Click on the little coloured geometric shapes in the top right corner of the results box to highlight every instance of your search term in the displayed files.

          The Libre Office Suite can be downloaded from HERE. Libre Office is every bit as good as Microsoft Office Suite plus it is completely free. I use the Libre Writer to author all my legal documents and I use the Calc Spreadsheet to catalog all the rules, laws and caselaw so that I can always find it instantly. I also use a spreadsheet to track the progress of motions and such. You can find sample spreadsheets in the left menu item labeled "sample documents." Organization is the key to success in life. When saving anything on a computer or in a file cabinet, it is pointless to do so unless you can easily find the file again. I always consider the purpose of a file and file it accordingly. I file everything by the purpose of its existence in my life. So I can have; So I can do; So I can give; So I can Learn; So I can eat; So I can cook; So I can defend myself against this; So I can defend myself against this, that and so on.

           I use Bullzip PDF printer to print anything I find on the web to my library so that I can find and access it anytime on my computer. For instance when doing legal research at Google Scholar I can save anything I find to my caselaw library. You can download your free copy of Bullzip PDF HERE. Just click the big brown button at the top of the page.

           I use JPG to PDF to turn all the pictures I take with my camera of documents into PDF files. You can download JPG to PDF

           However many times, like when I am doing a massive number of document pictures, such as converting an entire book into a PDF file, many of the pictures are quite crappy. Instead of taking them over and over I just use Scan Taylor software first. Scan Taylor will do miracle work on pictures en mass. You can download Scan Taylor HERE.

           And you will need an application to manipulate and annotate PDF files. My favorite of all time is PDF-XChange Viewer. You can get by with the free version.   You can download that here.   If you want to see all the   versions that cost money click here.  

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