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I am NOT an attorney.
This page is nothing more than my
It is my first amendment public statement.

If you need legal advice go consult an attorney.

Sample Documents

           Here are a bunch of sample documents you can edit to use or study to see the form. Don't forget you have to make each of these conform to your jurisdictions rules.

Verified Petition For Divorce

Return Of Service

Answer To Verified Petition For Divorce

Return Of Service

Affidavit Of Impecunosity

Bifurcated Divorce Packet Explained

Notice To Submit

Sample Affidavit Of Impecunosity

Sample Divorce Complaint

Sample of a Stipulation And Settlement Agreement


           The main reason for this website is to enable anyone with average intelligence to represent their own "DEFENSE" in a court of law and win. However, winning is not what one might think it is. Winning means one's nemesis, usually a former object of one's affection, or a state paid or corporate attorney become so emotionally and/or financially drained or so frustrated to the point they quit chasing you.

The Problems And Solutions

           The first problem is the subsidization of the breakup of the family. It is largely illegal for the government to take by force property (money is property) from one citizen who has committed no crime and give it to another citizen to spend without any accountability, I mean I thought we overcame the slavery issue 150 years ago! We have gone from a society wherein a man virtually owned his wife to a society wherein a woman actually owns her husband. For example, what is alimony? Alimony is basically getting paid for a job one does not do anymore. Why should anyone continue to be paid for quitting a job. A woman's power is sex. If she says no, sex cannot legally happen. A man's power is money. If he says no.... Well, that doesn't really matter anymore does it. Unless you are content to keep your gonads in her purse and be "owned" by your ex as her personal little bitch read on and empower yourself to continue to have the influence you should rightfully have as the father of your children. Your power is money. What is slavery if it is not taking by force the property of one citizen and giving it to another citizen to spent without accountability? That is slavery every bit as much as the plantation owner who stole the labor of the people working out in the field and spent it without accountability to the people who earned it. Those people lived in shacks and barns or worse. But things have improved. Today many of those people live in their car and shat and sponge bath at the gas station. Society never changes. It only changes victims. The great state of Utah made about $50,000,000 last year off the back of broken homes and fatherless children. And Utah is NOT one of the more populas states! Our government is feeding off it's citizens for profit. Worse than that, the retirement pensions of every judge, state attorney and legislative member is directly pegged to how profitable a state is, and today how profitable a state is, can be in a large part how successful it is in collecting child support. This means that the Attorney General as well as the judge who hears your case as well as your state representative all have a personal interest in how much child support is collected. The more collected the larger their pensions become. This is a conflict of interest and very unethical by rule and blatantly illegal and I will surely address it later in this website. But for now, the philosophy is very simple. In junior high, which is the mentality of society at large, if you keep giving the bully your lunch money, he will never quit coming for it. But if you were to bloody the bully, even at a great personal expense, he will go find a weaker victim to give him fifty cents every day; he will go find an easier victim who doesn't draw his blood each time he appears and you permanently get your life back. While you may be a peace loving individual, drawing the litigation blood (so to speak) of evil people, is the price of peace for both you and your loved ones. You have a responsibility as a leader of your family to provide that peace and protection. Unfortunately, because of the way in which society is structured, this is something you may likely have to do alone, but this website will hopefully give you enough knowledge to get the job done. I did. I had minor children and the state could neither enforce the existing child support order, nor could they get another one. I walk out of court forgiven more money than I make in several years. Oh I pay child support. I do. But its completely voluntary. I voluntarily pay 20% of my net earnings. But I have power not to pay and when to pay. This gives me power and influence over my children. I want you to have this same influence. And how did I do it? Well for me it was very easy. For you it will likely be a bit harder. But you do it by enforcing the rules. As the father of a broken home, you will need to be as free from debt as humanly possible. Fortunately there are some very common and very unethical financial practices that are normal in our present day society from which you can crawl out from under. And being free from debt is a large part of that which brings me to the second and third problems.

           The second and third problems are the extremely unethical mortgage and student loan practices that have crept up on our society in the last 30-40 years. I began this website as a child support thing. But the more I thought about how the United States has changed toward it citizens, the angrier I became. The principles of procedure are basically the same for almost all complaints and in every state and across every state. Although each state has its own rules of which you have to read and use, they are increasingly becoming more alike everywhere. I hope that many of you take what you learn here and walk away from your mortgages while keeping your house free and clear. I hope that many of you walk away from your student loans free and clear. The court has power. If you learn how to use it you can have power too!

           I am not promoting that people do anything dishonest or unethical. The fact of the matter is that unless you have read all the small print in his student loan and/or mortgage contract he is not in any position to pass a judgment upon the moral/ethical content of the document; nor in the manner of which collections are administered; nor upon the manner in which it was sold or transacted after the fact in relation to existing laws. And speaking of the existing laws, if you have not read and understood the acts upon which these financial instruments were created and administered, he is further disqualified in his ethical opinion upon the same. The same goes for statutes dealing with marriage, divorce and support.

           In the legal profession they have a thing called the "Clean Hands Doctrine." The Clean Hands Doctrine basically states that if one comes before the court with unclean hands, then he has no right to ask the court for anything. This means that your paperwork must be in order so to speak. The rules everywhere in the United States are becoming more "alike" every passing day. In the Utah Rules of Civil Procedure there are two competing rules. URCP 7(c)(3)(A) states that every assertion or allegation must be substantiated by citation to relevant material. And URCP 8(d) basically states that if an assertion is not controverted by the Respondent or Defendant, then the court will take the assertion as rock solid fact. For instance lets say you quit making your house payments and you get enough behind that the corporation or trust to whom you make your payments will go to the court and file a complaint against you to obtain a foreclosure upon your house. In that complaint they will tell the judge that they are carrying your mortgage and that you quit making payments and that they want to foreclose on the house and kick you out so that the house can be resold. Well if you do not take advantage of Rule 8(d), the judge will give them everything they ask for and that is bad for you. You will be kicked out of your house, lose your investment and have to find another place to live. But lets say you respond to the complaint and controvert the issues. To controvert the issue is not to deny it or say its false. All it means to controvert an issue is to say that you take issue with it or some part of it. Now your going to do this all in writing and if there is a hearing you will basically follow the outline of what you wrote in your response. They will tell the judge that they are carrying your mortgage and that you quit making payments and that they want to foreclose on the house and kick you out so that it can be resold. And you will respond by informing the Court that it would be highly presumptuous to grant the plaintiff what he is asking for when it has not even been established that any obligation exists! URCP 7(c)(3)(A) states that every assertion or allegation must be substantiated by citation to relevant material and the plaintiff has failed to do that. His complaint has no references to any relevant material. This court cannot have jurisdiction if the process is insufficient or if the subject matter of the complaint cannot be established. At this point you are literally entitled to a dismissal according to URCP 12 and you would then motion the court to dismiss upon rule 12. What you have just told the court in your pleading is that the plaintiff, if he wishes to continue the litigation, needs to file certified copies or verified (accompanied by affidavit or unsworn statement) copies of the mortgage contract and the note with the Court. Odds are the contract was shredded years ago and is in a landfill someplace. At this point motion to dismiss again. The judge may or may not dismiss it. But after thirty days pass with no activity, you will become entitled to a dismissal under Utah Rules of Civil Procedure 41(b) and/or several other rules concerning a lack of prosecution. File a motion in writing with the court. Name it "Motion to Dismiss." Find the rule as written in your jurisdiction and cite it in your motion. File the motion with all the paperwork necessary for an appeal attached. Judges hate to be overruled. And if the motion is denied, then appeal it. Rules are rules, you will win at some point and they all know it. Just keep taking it up the ladder until you win. PUSH THE ISSUE! CONGRADULATIONS! You now own your home free and clear!

           Ok, do you think I am full of crap? Test me. Call your mortgage holder and tell him all your records were lost in a move, flood, fire, whatever. Ask them to send you a copies of your signed mortgage and the note for your personal records. There is a 97% chance that they will refuse you because they will frankly tell you they don't have the records! OK? How much proof do you need? This website has links to your jurisdictions rules. Read them. This isn't hard, but timing is crucial because the Rule 8(b) thing will kill you a vital part of your litigation from which you will have to recover. And you can carbon copy this mortgage thing with your student loans and walk away from that also. The reason these loans are structured the way they are is for greed and unethical business practices designed to drain as much money from you as humanly possible and prays off your sense of honesty. There is not a lot of difference between the state leaving a citizen ONLY ONE WAY to do a certain needed thing and a robber sticking a gun in your belly to get a contractual commitment for you to give him your wallet later. Both methods are designed to force a person to give up both rights and property. It is my contention that a lack of choice is the same as a loss of freedom to choose and is thus an agreement under duress. These financial instruments are designed to financially rape you and are designed to be signed under duress by lack of choice to do things other ways. For instance when was the last time you saw a legal instrument that was not completely beneficial to the legal entity. A business deal is a fair and honest deal if it is equally beneficial to both parties of the transaction. But when all things become like your cell phone contract and are strictly designed to financially rape every last possible cent from you and are completely one sided with no negotiation room, then it is clearly an evil thing. For instance, there is no shortage of material goods or productivity to provide all people in the world with a top of the line cell phone plus a few spares. But if the supply of phones exceeded the demand, the price of the phone would drop and that would be bad for the return on investment by stockholders. Therefore across the board in all products there is always a constant shortage of product by design to keep the prices high. This is an estimation of business calculus formulas and is the reason why hunger will never be abolished upon this earth until the Lord returns. Oh my goodness, what would happen if the price of food dropped! Production will never meet demand! EVER! And the Congo will always have war, death and hungry children. And not every American will have the latest and greatest cell phone. It was about 40 years ago when this philosophy began to bore ahead at full speed. Forty years ago they had assumable loans at 3% interest. Now they have found better ways to make mountains more money. Especially since student loans go with you to the grave.

           Morally as well as legally no you have an obligation to honor a financial contract where integrity goes only one way. That is in the law in every state. It is the same as refusing to hand over your wallet after a forced decision, forced if only because our fearless leaders of this great country bent to the corporate pressures and legislated laws to force the sheering of the American sheeple. I mean we live in a society wherein politicians are bought and paid for. Corporations do that. Go to Washington DC and count the shiny glass high rise buildings between the White House, the House of Legislature and the Supreme Court. I mean when was the last time that you or anybody you know gave so much as the price of a pair of Wal-mart slave labor shoes to their elected representative. Someyou have to finance the elections and clearly citizens do not. And this has resulted in the citizens being nothing but wage slaves to large corporations to be harvested in a benighted state, having first been properly propagandised and dumbed down by public education. And the last thing public education would ever teach is litigation and civil procedure. The reason is because that is the great equalizer between classes. you are in one class and the people who manage the corporations and trusts, to whom you mail your hard earned money each month are in another class. They prey and play the citizenry like a fine tuned piano. This is a science. It is taught in business degrees at every college. And it is taught carefully so that it is not completely recognized for what it is. I am sorry, but if all you have is a public education you are at a severe disadvantage in life. The purpose you were born is so corporations can harvest your labor with complicity from your elected officials. you are relieved of your financial obligations to this racket and can begin to get ahead in life through litigation. While you may have to pay taxes, you can walk away from a hoard of this financial crap and start your life over on terms that are more fair and more your own.

           The solutions to both the student and the mortgage loan racket are basically the same. Odds are whatever contract you have signed was shredded and thrown in the trash years ago. Take the latest news of the day, Adam Beverly; He walked away from his significant student loans after two years of litigation. Read the News Story HERE, and the Court Order HERE. There are beginning to be cases nation wide where people are being released from their mortgages and student loans after having been taken to court for collections. Adam Beverly basically did what I am promoting here. He went to court and asked to see the contracts he signed. They could not be produced. The loans were forgiven.

           The fact of the matter is that the rules of the court are written expressly for the promotion of substantial justice, but not all people take advantage of this fact for a myriad of reasons. Laziness, stupidity, to make a moral point, or to be Christ like and get the better reward after receiving the harshest of penalties. My son uses the philosophy (I don't remember it's original source.) that there are basically 3 types of people; Sheep, Sheepdogs and Wolves and I find that analogy accurate. It used to be that there were more sheepdogs in the government than wolves. Now there are more wolves than sheepdogs and they now feed on those very sheeple they should be protecting. The purpose of government is not to fleece its citizens and get rich off of them or to help large corporations sheer the flock. The purpose of government is to serve and protect. Could it be that something stinky and underhanded is going on? Yeah. There are some pretty stinky and underhanded tactics going on inside mortgages and student loan contracts and every conceivable method is being used to wrest every last drop of blood out of the sheep. They are following legally contorted and underhanded practices to get every last penny possible out of their investments. This is part of the reason the shredding of the most important documents took place and thus cannot be produced. These evil people are even resorting to "faith" to get the uttermost farthing out of the sheep. They have faith in your nature to have a desire to be honest. And they count on the average person not understanding the nature and substance of the financial instruments they sign. They count on the sheep not objecting to contract clauses that are basically devoid of morality and sell you into slavery. They count on the inability of the majority of people to understand the small print and thus feed off a person's honest nature, desiring to pay back debts as unethical as Bernie Madoff. Well its not your fault if you don't know everything. It is only your fault if you remain in a benighted state. They are taking candy from babies (you) for a living.

           Things have developed in this country to the point that most of the corporations who hold mortgages and student loans, no longer have clean hands. The method of relief I have described above works. But even if it didn't work, these contracts are so one sided and so unethical that they could be broken on other legal grounds. But what's the point. This is a straightforward method that works and is really easy to do. Why make it harder than it has to be to do the same job. It cannot be expected that those who are dishonest in their business dealings should then be able to use the courts to force their dishonesty to bitter end. By the rules of the courts nation wide, nearly any person who has a mortgage or a student loan may be able to free themselves from repayment of the debt merely by following the rules of the court. The rules of the court are designed for substantial justice and THAT IS WHY the appellate courts will forgive those loans and are letting people walk away with the merchandise. Google this stuff. It's not just me saying these things. It is time to consider Bastiat's cruel alternative.

Bastiat: The Cruel Alternative

           “No society can exist unless the laws are respected to a certain degree. The safest way to make laws respected is to make them respectable. When law and morality contradict each other, the citizen has the cruel alternative of either losing his moral sense or losing his respect for law. These two evils are of equal consequence, and it would be difficult for a person to choose between them.”
– Frederic Bastiat, The Law (p. 8-9)
Click HERE for Bastiat's entire booklet.

           I believe that people who have a desire to be honest will attempt to pay these immoral (so called) loans, but will likewise admit that something respectable is certainly going on. But the way out is really that easy and unless you want your children to be wage slaves, as you are, then you will act. "Please show the court the note." If there is no note then there can be no foreclosure. "Please show the court the mortgage." If there is no mortgage then there can be no foreclosure. The odds are great that almost anyone in America today could stop making house payments and just continue to live in the house, owning it free and clear and there is not a single thing anyone can legally do about it. THEY CANNOT EVEN RUIN YOUR CREDIT! Mortgages have been sold so many times and none of the paperwork went with them. Student Loans? "Oh, you want me to pay back 3 times what I borrowed to go to school for a worthless degree?" CONTROVERT EVERY ISSUE! "Please show the court our contract." What? you have no contract? No contract = NO DEBT. The day they shredded your contract and threw it in the trash is the day they forgave you your student loan. NO CONTRACT = NO AGREEMENT = NO DEBT AND CLEAN CREDIT. I challenge you to call your student loan servicer and ask them to send you copies of the original contracts you signed. Ask them to send you "ANYTHING" that has your signature on it. Odds are they have nothing you actually signed. In that case you likely will be able to walk away from the debt with clean credit by forcing the courts to obey the rules of the court. I do not have the time to elaborate, but the fact of the matter is that the money they loaned you was digitally created by the bank. And I don't want to go into why money should be backed by something of value like gold or other precious metals, but when one creates money from nothing he starts an exponential process that results in mass death. That is what your posterity has to look forward to unless we all take action now to stop it. And the way this is stopped is for EVERYONE TO REFUSE TO PAY. What are you paying for anyway? If they created money from nothing, then you should be able to create money to pay them back. Why not? They expect that you are going to pay them back for the money they created from nothing. Yes that is how it works. You go to the bank to take out a loan, and the bank then digitally creates the money they loan you. Using the rules of the court you get to create the money you use to pay them back in a manner of speaking. Fair is fair. They create the money to loan you and you create the money to pay them back. Nothing for nothing. That is fair and just. Do you have any idea what this does to the economy and future of your children? In France when bread reached the equivalent of a months wages for a loaf, there was a revolution where a heck of a lot of people lost their heads, including the royalty. I have no idea why those smart people in government think they can control an exponential curve as it approaches infinity, but they need to take note. The lives of their own children are hung in the balance when the peasants revolt. Each member of the armed services has a family and a mother and father. The army will not be as strong as the people. A person would actually be doing his posterity a favor by walking away from these dishonest business practices today instead of when the heads start coming off and death rules the day. Walking away today could promote the change needed to prevent the societal catastrophe that is surely be around the corner.

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