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If you need legal advice go consult an attorney.

More About The Courts

And More About What You Need To Know about Them

           People do not understand the legal system. They don’t understand why it is nearly impossible to win in traffic court and if you are a man…… Divorce Court. So a bunch of people get together and decide to split costs to save money on things such as electricity, garbage disposal, water and sewer, and they want a few niceties like a common park for their children and a library. They want to live in a nice area and so they want a community cleanup and to plant a few flowers. What do they do? Well they typically incorporate and call it a city. They put in a few stop signs and traffic lights and make ordinances that dictate you have to obey the community rules.

           All branches of the government of the United States recognize the need of smaller groups to keep the peace and settle disputes. Even parents, who are the smallest group recognized to keep the peace and settle disputes, deprive their own children of Constitutional rights a hundred times a day! The law in every state allows corporations such as cities to maintain courts and a police force. And if you live, do business in or with, or simply pass through the geographical area, guess what? ……. That’s right! You entered their jurisdiction and are obliged to obey the community rules.

           Now lets talk contracts. When you sign a contract to buy a car, with an auto dealership, can you then take that new automobile, contract in hand to McDonald’s Hamburgers and force them to maintain, service and warranty your new automobile? Oh! No? You said NO? Well why the hell not? You go into traffic court and demand your constitutional rights! You go into divorce court and demand your constitutional rights! You have no constitutional contract with city hall who is just a group of guys who got together and incorporated.

           And the Divorce Court? Divorce Court was created for one and only one purpose. And that is to execute the husband and wife code upon dissolving marriages who voluntarily participate in the process. Legal arguments other than civil procedure rules, are really beyond the administrative function of Family Court. Sure, it is administered by the judiciary, but the judiciary is administered by the legislature by decree of the state constitution, just as the judiciary of the United States is administered by congress. The Constitution dictates the creation of two separate courts. One is constitutional and its members become independent of congress afterward. One is administrative and is ALWAYS dependent upon congress or state legislatures afterward and is ALWAYS of voluntary participation. Administrative courts are ALWAYS VOLUNTARY. Constitutional are not. Traffic Court is an administrative court. When you get a ticket you always have to sign a promise to appear. Criminal cases are tried in courts established by supreme courts of the state or federal governments. Criminals are never asked to concede jurisdiction, but are compelled to submit to jurisdiction. Administrative courts are voluntary courts. Participants must ALWAYS consent to jurisdiction before these courts can adjudicate your issue. Yet people keep going into these Administrative Courts expecting to get something they are just not going to get…… namely consideration of their Constitutional rights when they are by design constructed much like Alcoholics Anonymous 10 step program except that after you join, they enforce the 10 steps with monetary penalties and jail time! Who the hell would want to volunteer for that crap??? Well only everybody who volunteers to appear before the administrative bench. And people seem to be completely oblivious to the fact that EVERY citizen in the United States has a right to appear ONLY before Constitutional courts! And very few choose to. Appearances before every administrative court is “VOLUNTARY!” Simply refuse jurisdiction and there will be no other place you can get divorced. And so the state will not be able to execute the husband wife code upon you! And you will be free of child support and alimony and forced repayment of marital debt. Why? Because the constitution of the United States forbids involuntary servitude, and will examine breeches of contract and will force the states to render your constitutional right to your property and forbid imprisonment for failure to pay civil debts. In other words, no felony non support.

           Contrast that with an administrative court, where your Constitutional rights were already considered and were written into the process….. OR NOT by lawyers who work for the state legislature. (They do whatever they think they can get away with.) If you look up the word “Administrate” in the dictionary you will see that it literally means to put you through a process. That is what it is designed to do and if you appeal the administrative court rulings up the chain, you do two things. First, you turn the traffic court or the divorce court (or whatever court you are in) into a party to a suit. And secondly you “auto lose” your appeal anyway and the reason is this. By rule all participants of administrative courts are voluntary. This means that when you argue your traffic ticket or your divorce issue, you already agreed to do it by a certain set of rules. Either the traffic ordinance rules or the Husband and Wife code of your state statues and the rules they mention and never list within those statutes. So the appellate court judge (The real Justice Court.) sees your contractual agreement to adjudicate by those rules, (rules that violate your civil rights…...BUT YOU AGREED TO IT WHEN YOU GRANTED THE ADMINISTRATIVE COURT JURISDICTION!) and will hand down a decision against you EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!!! Why? Because when you agree to litigate in family court, you contractually agreed to use that process. It’s no different than your cell phone contract that dictates that all issues will go to arbitration before they are taken before the court. Then your cell phone carrier chooses the rules of arbitration designed to suit them and designed to screw you and you signed your name to the contract and you are bound to it legally. You arbitrate and cry, “Constitutional Right Violations!” appeal it and lose because you agreed to the arbitration rules! And yes, those rules violate your Constitutional rights, and YES, you agreed to it, you signed a contract to that effect and you GAVE YOUR RIGHTS AWAY AND THEN CRIED ABOUT IT AFTER THE FACT. (You are not a fine print reader…… are you!)

           Are there ways out of this? Yes, but it doesn’t mean you will win your traffic ticket. It only means that you will preserve your rights as defined by the Supreme and Circuit Courts of the United States of America. In this case, Alimony, Child Support and much of the family debt will be freed from state forced payments and left to the creditors and parties to the contracts involved. Can't be garnished if you do it right.

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