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I am NOT an attorney.
This page is nothing more than my
It is my first amendment public statement.

If you need legal advice go consult an attorney.

How To Avoid Or Otherwise Minimize Court Costs And Legal Fees

           Civil Rights would be useless if one did not at least have access to Courts. To do this all you have to do is apply to the court to waive whatever costs or fees. Again, this is done by rule as everything is. If you search the Rules of Civil Procedure for your jurisdiction, you will find the method you should use. Universally this involves introducing your financial declaration or statements into court record. And if you read the rules you will find that evidence is always entered into the court record by testimony. Therefore you need your financial statement accompanied by an affidavit (testimony) usually referred to as an  "Affidavit of Impecuniosity."  In some jurisdictions this alone is sufficient, but in others you must submit the affidavit and financial statement with a Motion. A Motion is a document that asks the court to do something. You must read your rules to determine what you have to do. You can find your rules in the left menu where it says "Your Jurisdictional Rules? Where to find them." All court websites usually have a page where people can download a court approved financial statement form. Look for it at the court's website in your jurisdiction. If you cannot find one there, then google it and find a financial statement form that fits your needs and file that with the motion and affidavit of impecuniosity.

           If your unemployed or working under the table, it costs you NOTHING. If you are working above the table, it will cost you according to a sliding scale. You will have to file another financial declaration with the court. This is another reason why its important to include your day spa membership and cable TV, and Dating expenses and treats, dog food, hamster food, lawn care, hair care, Extenze, car wax, Kleenex, 10% of your income to charity, mouse traps, elastic bands and every conceivable allowable expense into your financial declaration so that you will ALWAYS SHOW A NEGATIVE VALUE, SO THERE IS NOTHING LEFT FOR THE STATE TO TAKE!!!!

------ you are NOT, REPEAT NOT! ------

           Every financial declaration needs to be so constructed according to what rule allows. "Rules," rule here, not morals. When one plays chess he uses the rules, not morals. When one plays monopoly he uses the rules and leaves the bible on the shelf during the game. Same here. Unless the Respondent wants to be called a "cheater" and "dishonest," leave the bible on the shelf and use the rules to play this game. If the Respondent spends a dollar a week on Cinnamon sticks for breath enhancement... HE MUST DECLARE IT! The rules do not expect the Respondent to lower his standard of living! It is dishonest to play.... except by the rules and the Bible is not included in the rules. Since when has following the rules been assigned the label of "cheating?" Even the Bible itself condemns cheaters. So the bible is to be left at home because the Respondent is expected to read and use the rules and law.

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