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I am NOT an attorney.
This page is nothing more than my
It is my first amendment public statement.

If you need legal advice go consult an attorney.


And What You Need To Know about Them

           Attorneys are not what everyone thinks they are. Have you ever had a job and your employer gave you "busy work" to keep you busy? Well Law School everywhere is a lot like that. A person doesn't really know much more about the law than before they went in. A new law grad couldn't defend you against a traffic ticket. He has never learned how. They don't teach those things in law school. A new law grad couldn't do a title search on a piece of property, he couldn't collect a debt, he couldn't set up a corporation or do a corporate merger. He couldn't tell you how to find case law, because he doesn't know. They don't teach these things in law school. A new law grad couldn't answer any questions about civil procedure or legal research. Why? Well because they don't teach those things in law school. You would be shocked to know how worthless a new law grad is!

           Google it and you will see it is true. You will see the thousands of law grads who are deeply in debt and can't even get a job! And they don't even have the skills it would take to file suit against the schools that ripped them off and gave them a good brain washing instead of a good education.

           So what do they teach in law school? Well, they teach history, philosophy, Hammurabi, why Christ was crucified, why a triangle on a chalkboard is not a triangle on a chalk board, you know, they teach deceit, how to mangle words and twist meanings under the guise of being "enlightened" and smarter than other people. They teach you how to argue. They teach almost everything EXCEPT what you need to know to function in litigation. More than anything, law school is a brainwashing process that enables you to be some judge's little bitch. In order to work you have to be a member of the bar and the judiciary oversees the bar. If the judge don't like you, guess who is unemployed?

           So if I have a Constitutional Right, to freedom of association, then why do I have to hire the judge's little bitch to represent me? Do I not have a right to an impartial tribunal? Why then am I forced to have to hire someone working in tandem with 2 brothers from another mother? I mean, if the judge, opposing counsel and my attorney were all brothers or members of the same Taekwondo dojo, would that not be unethical by the rules of ethics anywhere? So why is it not unethical for my advocate to be under the thumb of the court? (bar) I mean if the court is all that unbiased then what do they care as long as the rules are followed?

           Well, I'll tell you why. It is because you have rights that the court does not want to recognize because that gets in the way of following procedure. You see, the court wants to administer the legislated rules upon you and if you have a constitutional right such as "Freedom from involuntary servitude" that gets in the way of ordering you to get a job so the state can garnish your income and give it to another citizen to spend as she wishes without any oversight. You know, kind of like the slave owner sitting on the porch sipping lemonade whilst the slaves out picken cotton and liven in da chicken coops got the fruit of their labor removed and given to another citizen to spend without any oversight. You know, that old chestnut. I have 20 more, but you get the point.

           You don't really need a lawyer, what you need is confidence. You need to really believe what I am telling you. That way when it comes out of your mouth, they all will fear the truth. Lawyers generally are overrated and work against what you want to do here. OJ Simpson, scum that he is, hired a few good ones and he got away with murder. But you don't have enough money to hire what you need. A good way to tell if the attorney you have is useless is if you can afford him. If you can, you may as well cut him loose. You will be fighting him more than the opposing counsel because he is already in bed with the judge. My attorney quit me and mailed me my case file because he refused to follow my instructions. I won. Go figure. Isn't that the point? Zealously defending your client? Just a minute while I roll on the floor laughing!

           Unless your attorney is onboard with this website, you may as well let him go, pull yourself up by the bootstraps, paint your face, check your weapons, recite the plan, take three deep breaths and go do your hand to hand like a real man. Winning means you get to live your life. Losing means you work and give your money away. Give it your best. There wasn't anyone holding my hand. Me, a construction worker of 32 years, I went up against seasoned attorneys who did it for a living 30 years. The assistant attorney general, the judge and counsel for the Judas, the one who promised to love me forever. I took a deep breath and fought for myself against these seasoned attorneys after reading everything I could get my hands on about the law and going to school to get my paralegal certificate and I won. The assistant attorney general eventually quit in the middle of the hearing and walked out. The judge then cursed me, then he kissed my constitutional rights ring blessed me (forgave me everything, 100% everything) and we all went home. I walked out with NO support orders whatsoever! And forgiven all marital debt. If I did that....... why the hell can't everyone? Well, a person has to put all his ducks in a row before he can shoot them all down. Venue is everything. Family court is NOT the correct venue. But they will not give up jurisdiction easily and having a family law attorney is like walking with your ankles through the holes of cinder blocks. Fire him and you will have one less enemy to fight right off the bat! We have rights! Excuse me, but these people are not a Respondent's friend. Not even a paid attorney! He makes his money from his client's monthly payments. When the case is to be heard in federal court, guess who is out of a job? Yeah, the family law attorney. All attorneys must be certified to work in specific courts. Odds are 99% that a family law attorney is not certified for appellate courts. Can you see why he will oppose this? His paying clientèle are his livelihood. If all his clients begin moving to federal court each time the state intervenes what is he going to do? Recommend what is best for his clients and be unemployed or be employed and have his clients be royally screwed?

           One last thing about going pro se. It takes quite a bit of memorization. I cannot count how many times I stopped the hearings to think. I frankly told the judge I needed to think and I sat and thought. What did I think about? Well I memorized everything and so should you. Mentally I used buildings. I walked up to the front door of my house and I related the front door to a law or objection or whatever. I had a different house for every subject. I would walk through the rooms clockwise and relate a piece of furniture or a picture on the wall to a law or a principle or an objection or a rule. I had a house for each subject and I sat and walked mentally through the house until I found what I was looking for. Your mind is a powerful machine. Did you know that you could remember 100 words after hearing them only one time and then after that you could repeat them backwards or forwards or from any point in between and go either way? Yes, with structure, if you create the structure, you can do it! Is it easy? Well, you do have to put in the effort. I am going to put those memory techniques here on this website eventually, but the point is that I committed all useful rules, laws and objections to memory and I stopped proceedings while I probed my memory to recall the needed information. At first they scheduled 45 minutes for our hearings, but after they got a load of me they did me for one day and cleared the rest of the calendar. A simple truth is that if it costs more to collect from you than they will get from you, the state will bow out of the litigation. Keep that in mind always! Money drives all things. Money money money money money.

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