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           Below is a map of the United States, divided up into 13 Federal Districts containing "Circuit Courts." They call them Circuit Courts because Federal judges were assigned to certain geographical areas and rode by horse and carriage in a "circuit" visiting each courthouse to hear the cases waiting for them. Of course its not that way anymore, but these are "federal Districts" containing "Circuit Courts." These are your Federal Courts of appeal. It are to these courts one moves the venue from family court. These courts are not administrative courts. The respective county attorney would have to explain to the court what he wanted to do to you and why and these courts would then compare that to the constitution and precedent to determine if that is permitted. And of course much of it is not. Federal law dictates that your property cannot be taken from you unless you are a convicted felon. And that if one's property is take from them for a public purpose, then that the 5th amendment dictates just compensation. And since a dollar equals a dollar, then the state should cut you a check for each dollar they garnish. So look at the map and determine the venue that applies to the case at hand.

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