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I am NOT an attorney.
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If you need legal advice go consult an attorney.

In Which Federal Court Of Appeals You Need to Do Your Legal Research

           The bottom line in litigation is that all judges HATE for their rulings to be overturned upon appeal. It makes them look incompetent to their peers. There are 13 Federal Courts of Appeal. You need to know under which jurisdiction you live so that you can do your research using the appropriate court. A District Judge in New York couldn't care less what some California judge says. So quoting case law from California in New York is nearly ALWAYS a complete waste of time and a losing endeavor. However if you do a little research and come up with relevant case law in the correct jurisdiction you will be able to control the judge.

           It does not matter what you think or what the judge thinks. The only thing that matters is what the appellate court thinks and the manner in which it has ruled in the past. Remember that all lower courts are only concerned with revenue for the city, county and state. But the federal appellate courts are concerned with your constitutional rights. It is within their rulings where you will find your freedom and your rights. So be a stick in the mud for your rights! The Court and your beloved State, want to do things to you that they cannot legally do without your "Manufactured Consent." And they do it by getting you to agree to things without you knowing about it. It's all by the written rule and you have never read those. It's really deceitful and evil. You give up your constitutional rights by making these agreements and then the appellate court does not matter because you voluntarily gave it up. They move forward with confidence, having manufactured the consent to be screwed on behalf of literally thousands and millions of men previous to you. Don't let them do it to you!

           The way you prevent having your rights violated is to know the definitions created by these appellate courts. For example, you need to know the legal definition of slavery! If you don't know it you will agree to it by default! Slavery is basically any time the government sanctions one citizen taking the property of another citizen and spending it without accountability. (Forced child support.) They often use other terms such as "involuntary servitude." But you may not be able to use that term for a definition either! You need to go to Google Scholar and find the accepted definition and term for your jurisdiction and use whatever those words are in your pleadings. Do a search for the definition given by your jurisdiction's appellate court.

           The United States is divided into 13 separate appellate jurisdictions.

map of US appeals circuit courts

           For example Utah is in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. Reference the map to find your jurisdiction. Ohio is in the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals and so on. Then go to Google Scholar, learn how to use "wild cards" and research the definition of slavery by your jurisdictional circuit court of appeals and use "THAT" definition to prevent the judge from selling you into involuntary servitude to the state and your ex-wife.

           Object to everything they try to do to you. Object to everything they try to place upon the record of the court. What they are trying to do they wrote it in the pleading and gave you a copy. You will be prepared. Don't worry. It's not that complicated. Everybody writes everything down on paper and then they schedule a hearing to discuss what they have written. So you know and are familiar with what is going on in the hearings. Objections are used in the hearings. You need to object to each specific act they attempt to do to you and every bit of evidence they attempt to place upon the court record. And every time you object YOU (And it is your responsibility to do it because nobody else in that room wants you to NOT BE A SLAVE!) specifically turn to the court reporter and instruct her to place your objection and the reason's for it upon the court record for the purposes of appeal. And if the judge overrules your objection then you MUST motion the court for an "Offer Of Proof." If the judge overrules your objection, then your objection will not be on the record of the court and therefore it will not be available for appellate consideration when you appeal. Therefore you will surely lose if you appeal. So the judge overrules your objection. Then motion the court for an "Offer Of Proof." If the judge refuses to let you enter an offer of proof upon the record then you have valid grounds to overturn whatever the court rules, and you will win your appeal and be retried. The judge will not want to look at your face twice concerning an issue the higher court made him do over because your a stick in the mud. So the judge will almost always let you give an "Offer of Proof." Then he is forced to rule in your favor if you interpret the law correctly, because he knows if he is overturned he will look incompetent to his employer and peers and to you also. Your offer of proof needs to be a valid point of law and you need to throw your emotions in the trash can and learn how to see valid points of law or you will always lose. Now if the judge rules against you, then when the hearing is over, go home to your friend's or momma's house and write the damn appeal and go file it.

           If your unemployed or working under the table, it costs you NOTHING. If you are working above the table, it will cost you according to a sliding scale. You will have to file another financial declaration with the court. This is another reason why its important to include your day spa membership and cable TV, and Dating expenses and treats, dog food, hamster food, lawn care, hair care, Extenze, car wax, Kleenex, 10% of your income to charity, mouse traps, elastic bands and every conceivable allowable expense into your financial declaration so that you will ALWAYS SHOW A NEGATIVE VALUE, SO THERE IS NOTHING LEFT FOR THE STATE TO TAKE!!!!

------ you are NOT, REPEAT NOT! ------

           Every financial declaration needs to be so constructed according to what rule allows. "Rules," rule here, not morals. When you play chess you use the rules, not morals. When you play monopoly you use the rules and leave the bible on the shelf during the game. Same here. Unless you want to be called a "cheater" and "dishonest," leave your bible on the shelf and use the rules to play this game. It is dishonest to play.... except by the rules and the Bible is not included in the rules. Since when has following the rules been assigned the label of "cheating?" So anyway go back to the "Notice of Revocation of Respondents Grant of Jurisdiction" found in the sample documents, and review your main points of objection, because you need to be a stick in the mud for each of them. You need to research them and find case law and report what you find back here so I can list it for the next poor schmuck being sold into slavery from your jurisdiction.

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